Thursday, 26 July 2012

Flawless, stylish… beauty is Ronke


RONKE Ademiluyi is the brain behind African Fashion Week, London. In the last few years, Ronke has proved that she is not only a style icon, but also, a trendsetter.
  Having made a huge success as a clothier in the country, the pretty lawyer decided to take her love for fashion to a new dimension, promoting creative African designers in the international market with her yearly Africa Fashion Week, London, which is set to hold on August 3 and 4, 2012 at the London Spitalfield Market.
  With all her tailored signature looks, Ronke’s style is something that all can learn from.

Have a sense of style
  Create your own fashion and have your own style, because it's not right to wear something that isn't you. It's often better to have a basic personal style than to always be chasing the latest ‘fad’ look.
  Have good taste in clothing. Like the lawyer-turned entrepreneur, be modest in clothing and avoid clothing of bad taste.
Be conservative
 The fair complexioned Chief Executive Officer of Rukkies Boutique is indeed a trendsetter and follower, yet very conservative. She says, “ I follow the fashion trends of every season, but in a conservative way.”

Keeping it clean and simple
  The pretty damsel knows that a clean and simple outfit can be incredibly elegant as well as very trendy.


Dazzle in black

   Ronke’s favourite colour is black; like they say, you cannot go wrong in black. Black is an all-around classic, and Ronke certainly takes that to heart.

Knee length dresses rocks
 It is advisable to dress yourself in the way you will be comfortable. Ronke’s favourite piece of clothing is knee length dresses, they make her comfortable, chic and elegant. Knee length dresses end up being effortless to wear, as they are comfortable tending to be matched with either sandals, flats, high heel slides or boots.
Rock the scent
 So Pretty by Cartier does the magic for her.

Let the design speak
 She discloses, “I honestly do not have a favourite designer, if I like a design, I just buy, not necessarily because of the name. What interests me is the design itself.”

Wow with accessories
  Ronke’s favourite accessory is her Rolex wristwatch, but one fashion piece that she cannot leave the house without is, her handbag.
All Rukkies
  The boutique owner does her shopping in her boutique, Rukkies in Lagos. She adds, “Charity begins at home.”

Obagi, the secret of her flawless touch
  For over 20 years, Dr. Zein Obagi has been leading the skin care industry with the Obagi products for anti-ageing and skin health. Obagi skin care offers several condition-specific skin treatments to gently yet aggressively help treat your skin concerns.
  Obagi is a world-renowned brand with one of the highest rates of efficacy.  You wonder, the secret behind Ronke’s flawless skin, it is Obagi.

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