Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Calypso promotes coconut feast


THE scenic coastal town of Badagry was recently enlivened with tourists and visitors from across the country and globe, who came to witness the yearly Coconut Festival with its artistic and cultural performances.
  Tagged Akunkefest 2011, the feast, which serves as a platform for families and friends to unite and renew convivial bonds showcased arrays of theatrics, which included cultural performances, music, games, art and craft exhibitions and beauty contest.  
   Put together by Gunuvi Heritage Entertainment and Events in collaboration with Grand Oak’s Calypso Coconut Liquor, the gathering among other objectives aims to boost the tourism potentials of Badagry town.  
   According to Prince Doherto Mesi, President, Gunuvi Heritage, the yearly is organised to promote, preserve and enhance the tourism potential of the people and project Badagry as a preferred destination in Africa.
   “The motivation underlying the festival is traceable to the quest for Badagry to have a notable and unique festival that is synonymous to the ancient, history and culture of the people, ” he said.
    On the collaboration of Grand Oak with other outfits to organise the festival, Dorcas Dada, Brand Manager, Calypso, informed that Calypso Coconut Liquor is noted to be the tropical spirit liquor with the brand personality of fun and excitement.  “Given the symbiotic relationship between Calypso and coconut, as well as the fun and excitement that characterises the event, there is a good synergy between the brand and the event, which informed our decision to support the festival,” she said.
  Known for its many landmarks which include housing the first storey building in the country, built in 1845, where the late Bishop Ajayi Crowther translated the English Bible to Yoruba language; the first primary school; the first church in Nigeria and others, Badagry town has scored another first with the host of the coconut festival, said to be the first in the Africa. Also, the historic town is speculated in some quarters to be the largest producer of coconut in the West African sub-region.
   Apart from the different cultural and musical performances, organisers showcased the various economic uses coconut could be put to.
   Speaking on the seed, which is abundant in the coastal town, Prince Doherto Mesi, President, Gunuvi Heritage Entertainment, informed that coconut with its numerous uses also attracts tourists to Badagry.
   Commending on the event the De Wheno Aholu Toyi 1, Akran of Badagry, Oba Babatunde Akran, said,  “ the yearly festival fosters unity and boosts socio-cultural and tourism potential of Badagry and Lagos State in general.” 

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