Thursday, 3 November 2011

Mo’vibez unviels JPX, D’Toonz to the music scene



MO’VIBEZ Entertainment recently presents two upcoming artistes Joshua Praiz (a.k.a JPX) and D’Toonz made up of the trio of Praiz Ngozi, Lauren Nwachukwu and Blessing Atta to the press.
  While D’Toonz, an all girl band, is into gospel hip pop and R&B; JPX, a solo artiste, plays afro hip pop and R&B. Having gone through sessions of grooming and talent honing the groups are set to make their marks in the music scene in the country and beyond.
    Speaking during the brief Mozez Praiz, one of the company’s directors, said the two groups have been selected to key into the vision of the organisation, which is aside from grooming and mentoring upcoming acts, promotes and assists them to produce their records.
  Explaining why the organisation picks interest in the youth, he said, “we are interested in the youth because they are the future of the nation and anyone, family, group, organisation or even government that does not recognize that does so at his or her own peril. The youths need to be cared for and mentored for the good of the society.” He continued, “in spite of the fact that music is a veritable means of making the youths to express themselves, our outfit has also mapped out other avenue of actualising our vision and make the youths live their dreams.”
 “Though Mo’vibez Entertainment started business four years ago, the vision of mentoring and grooming the youths has been on for the past two decades. It is the vision of one man, which has been of great benefit to the youths. It has helped to inculcate values in them and also made them to know that as a young person one cannot behave the way he or she chooses,” he said.
  The director stated, “we make them to understand that their attitude is very important, it’s one of the things that would elevate them in life. No matter your gifting if your attitude to life is bad, your gifts will take you to nowhere, as there are many talented people, but because their attitude stinks they end nowhere. We mentor artistes to maintain their calm and never allow their successes to get into their heads.”
Joshua Praiz (a.k.a JPX)
   Praiz added: From the beginning we make them to know that the platform is a vision and they are instruments for achieving the vision. So, we make them to know that Mo’vibez Entertainment is like a remands for the youths and when they get out of it they add value to their lives; we are not saying everybody should sing, but then we will help you to hone your skills, gifting, self-esteem that would make you excel and add value to your life.”
  Worried about the destruction of property and killing of people, especially, the Corps members that were killed during the April general elections, the director said, “ those vandals behave the way they do because they don’t see any value in life and would go to any length to cause mayhem, maiming and killing people. It’s for this that, we use music as an avenue to groom the youths.”
  He informed, “we want to make our artistes to understand that entertainment goes beyond making of an album, for we have a well-equipped studio and the resources to make the albums of any group ready in the shortest possible time including the video, but we want them to improve on their human relations and add values to their lives. So, in five to10 years’ time, they would reproduce in folds the values they have learnt over time in others, which is the ultimate.”   

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